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Welcome to Waoo!

We put at your disposal “your” offshore platform under our management.

An operational platform whose human resources, material and softwares are fully dedicated to you.

We provide our services to a variety of customers (industrial , real estate agencies , advertising agencies , web sites, etc.) and we understand the requirements of ourn customer through attentiveness, quality management and particularly the great involvement and accountability of our staff who strive to meet these requirements.


WAOO is a company based in Tunis; its experience in outsourcing for the benefit of european firms has been long praised.

WAOO has been providing offshore outsourcing services for five years. The integration of the various client processes has become our specialty. Our address book includes manufacturers, websites, magazines, real estate agencies, communication agencies… this gave us a thorough understanding of various areas of activity.

The strength of WAOO lies in the clear understanding of the requirements of the European customer through attentiveness, quality management and particularly the great involvement and accountability of its staff who strive to meet these requirements.

WAOO considers all customers as partners. All our relationships are based on the win/win model. Our ethics dictate that we establish a continuous investment in our relationship with you.

About Outsourcing

1. Outsourcing in Tunisia: what benefits?

Tunisia is one of those countries that have all the technical and technological tools and infrastructure to ensure an outsourcing business in the best conditions and extremely powerful way …

2. Evaluating an outsourcing service

In outsourcing, it is important to have an efficient service, reliable and powerful, but it is also crucial to have adequate tools to evaluate provided services.

3. Data entering: what will you gain by outsourcing?

Data entry and their treatment are essential for the activity of the company, but they represent a considerable workload that involves a lot of hardware, software and human resources.

4. Editorial content: a visibility asset for the website

Editorial content largely determines the degree of visibility of a website.
This content should be developed to provide the user information in conformity with their interests and promote the website SEO.

Our Services

We offer to our partners both areas of services:
  • The  content management services: (writing, web content management, data entry, datra processing and technical writing).
  • The web and Internet services:  (web sites development, SEO and webmastering).

Our “Content” Services

Web and print edition

We master the web and print writing in order to update your blogs, your news, events, press releases …

Web sites content

We handle the update (creation, modification, deletion ..) of your websites that can be virtual fairs, catalogs and e-commerce

Data entry and processing

All the data management process, seizure, support for change, categorization, classification, verification, validation … we will do it for you!

Technical writing

Our team of editors and operators specialized in various fields of activity product for you a high level of technical writing

Web and Print Edition

Our personnel put their excellent practice of the English language at the service of your publications, both Web and Print, and write quality articles and records about themes and topics of your choice.

And if you want to entrust us with the writing of an entire publication, our team has the required experience to take it on; from the development of the layout to the drafting of the subjects and through the choice of illustrations.

We master the creation and the updating of all types of editorial contents that may enrich your Internet and paper documents:

  • Blog posts
  • News/events
  • Technical writing
  • Press Releases

Web Content

Do you have a virtual showroom, an e-commerce site, a forum or any other web space?

Our highly qualified staff quickly assimilates your content management process to start production without delay. You will be able to regularly track the evolution of the activity you entrusted us with, thanks to a rigorous and accurate dashboard of quality/productivity.

The accountability and the involvement of our staff correlated to our quality management system guarantee you one of the best service provisions on the outsourcing market.

Our process of outsourced tasks management considerably improves quality and productivity because we’ve made it our profession.

By working with us you will gain in terms of cost, quality, and productivity and you will be able to focus on your core business.


Data entry

Regardless of the data carriers and their nature, data are captured, entered and indexed before being closely checked at a high level of reliability.

Confidentialityprecision and high quality are our key values whenever we look after your data.

The data entry process is performed with high performance care and attention to detail as one would expect from team members selected strictly and carefully.

The process approach we apply to data entry offers us a quasi industrial production of your data; therefore ensuring an impeccable quality and an optimal productivity.


Technical Writing

What is Technical Writing ?

Technical writing involves developing an editorial content that describes a production process, the specifications of a product or any other document to be consulted and followed for the realization of a given activity, particularly a professional one.

It requires from the unit in charge of this task (either the technical writer alone or the whole editorial team), qualities at the technical and editorial stages.

Of course, a solid command of the language in which the produced document has to be developed is the first skill to have, but this is not enough.

A good knowledge of the subject area is also essential, which therefore means that the editor works in collaboration with engineers/technicians to ensure that the technical editorial content is reliable and meets the specificity of the activity.

What are the characteristics of a good technical document?

Technical writing follows a number of rules and requirements and the quality of the document produced depends on the respect of these rules.

Here are a few of the main characteristics that a technical document should display:

  • Written in a language at once supported and accessible, with a high level of readability.
  • The description of the process must be as accurate as possible in order to effectively guide the user and reduce the risks linked to poor interpretations.
  • The formatting of the document must be neat and sober, to provide a functional working tool that is pleasant to consult.
  • The document must be developed in a modular format and be adaptable in order to facilitate its updating.
  • The rules of typography must be applied scrupulously.
  • The norms, standards and technical specificities relating to the discussed area must also be respected; the mastery of the terminology is therefore an absolute requirement.

When the editor (or the editorial team) creates the technical documentation, he must always keep in mind that the content that he is asked to produce addresses both future users and skilled people. The basic principles to be followed in his work are: clarity, accuracy and completeness.

Our “Web” Services

HTML/CSS Integration

We can integrate templates in dynamic and static web sites

PHP/MYSQL Developpement

We make all our mastery of PHP / MYSQL and programming tool for creating interactive websites, functional and with optimized performance.


Our team supports the website in its entirety; from creation to maintenance , everything is implemented to support the site, making it more welcoming and intensify traffic within it.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We ensure your SEO to have a good ranking in search engines.


Are you looking for an Webmaster that ensures optimal use of your website? You are at the right address!

The webmaster is one of the important players in Internet. Its business covers, in fact, almost all aspects of the website and brings together all the skills associated with the world of the Web.
Webmastering is to support all the steps constituting the lifecycle of a website. We assure both the creation of the site, its operations and its evolution.

The webmastering activity implies the management of a part of the website’s design, its technical implementation, its maintenance and its editorial content.

The updating of content, the technical monitoring, the graphic design, The attendance’s analysis, the SEO improving (search engines optimization) are among the many facets of the webmastering.

The work of the webmaster requires all skills related to Internet businesses: integration, web design, e-marketing, development, content management, community management, technical support, network administration, systems administration, referencing …

In this specialty, our skills are technical and editorial. The mastery of the main CMS (Joomla, WordPress, Prestashop …) and web media creative process and operation is essential in this activity, as well as the writing skills (mastery of grammar and including spelling).

The content management occupies an important place in the mission of the webmaster and our overall approach, as it allows to energize the website and increase its attractiveness.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Whether companies, organizations or associations, a web presence is essential today. Make themselves known, broaden its audience, retain customers and members, it goes largely to good visibility on the web. And that exposure to users, this is the SEO that determines.


 SEO or optimization for Search Engines

SEO, also known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization: Optimization for Search Engines) includes all actions to increase the visibility of a website.
These actions can be classified into two broad categories: the submission and positioning.
The first is to submit (submit in English) the site for search engines (Google of course, but also Yahoo !, Baidu, Yandex or Bing …) so that they can identify and browse regularly thereafter. These search engines also offer registration forms provided for that purpose.
The second class of shares, the position (ranking) is to consolidate the position of website pages in the search results based on keywords.


The importance of positioning and SEO for a company

Today, SEO and positioning of websites is a major challenge for companies with which they are associated.
Their presence and visibility on the web – so the impact of their image and the products and services they provide – depend greatly.
Improving its position in search engines, therefore it supports the hearing on the website, especially its traffic.
With this, the flow of visits increase and even users no longer need to know the website address for access.
Heal and improve its SEO positioning on search engines is all the more important it has been established that a third of users clicked on the first link on a natural search results page.


Work in stages

Ensure good SEO involves work with different steps. All are essential for improving the positioning of the website to promote.
After the submission stage, we saw above, the next step is to analyze deeply the segment and the context in which evolve the company and its competitors. The accuracy of the analysis will result the quality of the strategy to develop, and then, one of the crucial points of this operation, the search for relevant keywords and analysis of search volumes.
The keywords are indeed the central elements of SEO improvement.
The steps already mentioned are followed by those of optimizing the site of netlinking and monitoring / reporting (via a particular website statistics tool). The netlinking is also an important element in this area, since it is to ensure that the number of hypertext links to the site from other sites increases. In other words, it is to create good external links to the site, which will help to increase visits to provide a steady stream of online traffic and to support and thus visibility.


The content and keywords, determinants

The popularity of a website is determined by two factors: its ability to respond to user searches and the fact that it is considered by the other firms in the industry as a reference in its field.
Its positioning in search results and status depend, to a large extent, the content it offers and its judicious use of keywords.
Quality content tailored to the needs of users, varied and updated regularly will allow Google and other search engines to find material to reference. News, articles, press releases in various forms (images, videos, Word documents, PDF, etc.) are part of these content items to be published as frequently as possible to increase the attractiveness of the site for visitors and positioning .
Relevant content vis-à-vis search engines is to be developed as an editorial line adapted to the lexicon used by Internet users and their needs. To retain and attract more visitors, this content must be original, attractive and useful.
It must also and above all to maximize the keywords, because the more the site produces, the more it increases its visibility. These keywords should be carefully identified before the development of content, as some have potential audience much more important than others.

Why outsource with Waoo ?

– Expert in the integration of outsourced client process
– A quality management and a strong commitment of staff
– Competitive rates
– A fully committed team
– Adequate recruitments in compliance with your needs
– Cultural, linguistic and geographical proximity

Blog Posts

Being a dynamic mean of communication and extremely close to the Internet user, the blog can be an excellent marketing tool for the company or for any organization that might be induced to address a more or less large public.
To be effective, it must offer a content rich in information, sustainable, credible and capable of stimulating the interest of the reader.
Hence, the articles or posts that it publishes regularly should be developed in such a way as to retain the loyalty of internet users, both potentials and partners, so that its positive impact on these latter reflects on the image of the company.


The characteristics of a blog post

Transcending conventional websites, the blogs are made to display regular publications of short articles dealing with a given subject.
These articles, or posts, are related to news concerning a particular field of activity, those of the company, of the organization or related to the owner of the blog.
The content provided in the blog is therefore editorial, but it is associated with other formats (video clips, sounds, photographic illustrations, etc.) which contribute to enriching, completing and making the blog content more enjoyable when consulted.


A major component of the marketing strategy

The blog posts could be very useful for the company’s brand image.
On the one hand, the posts published on the Web platform help retain the loyalty of customers or prospects. When the blog posts are able to generate interest, users will go back regularly to search for news related to topics they are interested in, hence the need to constantly refresh the content.
On the other hand, these posts consolidate the referencing of the company in several search engines, and consequently improve its visibility on the Internet.
The blog posts are then excellent promotional tools which depend on many factors to be more effective, for instance the thematic continuity, its connection to news and the choice of the tone adopted.

  • Keeping a connecting thread : it is imperative to keep with the same theme, from one article to another. Changing themes frequently is the best technique to make the user-reader disengage. If he or she visits a particular blog, it is because the subject being discussed interests him or her.
  • Keeping up to news :nothing could be more wrong for the credibility of a blog than a content that is not updated. The more the posts are a true representation of how things are evolving, the more the interest of the visitor to the blog is great. Therefore, it is vitally important to stay atuned to the trends in the subject matter activity, by examining the information, the social networks and the discussion boards, as well.
  • Choosing the right tone : The choice of tone is as important as the content itself. Bloggers are afforded greater freedom in terms of tone than the person or team in charge of the website. As the institutional style is not always rigorous, it provides greater proximity to the internet user, without, however, falling into the use of jargon.

Editorial content: a visibility asset for the website

Being a virtual showcase for any company, association or organization aiming at optimizing its visibility, the website must be attractive, relevant and practical. An interesting and constantly updated editorial content contributes significantly to its development.

Editorial content and referencing

Both form and content of the website should be well elaborated. Graphics, information, services and functionalities available on the website are also equally important and are given a great deal of attention to arouse the interest of internet users and retain them.
In a highly competitive environment, having a quality website enables businesses to stand out be at the forefront.
The editorial content is an undoubtedly important tool for improving a website’s attractiveness.
It must provide clear, complete and reliable information to the internet user

Keep the reader in mind…

In order to be relevant, effective and of significant help to Website referencing, an editorial content must particularly have an explicit title in the browser’s window bar, a posting date, any updating dates, the sources and the author.
It should also be written in a style adapted for the target readers. A neutral journalistic tone is usually preferred; still, in order to be closer to audience, there is nothing to prevent the use of a less informal language when addressing some readers, without of course falling into the familiar.
It is important to establish and follow a well-defined editorial line, to create a coherent content through carefully chosen topics, perfectly in line with the expectations of the website visitor.

… and the search engine too

It is therefore essential, when one develops a website content, to take into consideration the aspirations of the reader, but also to find out how to give the search engines something to talk about. The main objective should be improving the site’s positioning on the different platforms such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing, to name a few.
This means making sure that the editorial content provided on the website facilitates its indexing in the right way so as to increase its visibility during web research.
Therefore, the expectations of the target audience and the key words to be used should be identified accurately.

Outsourcing and quality approach

To meet customers’ demands and attain the highest level of competitiveness, the outsourcing company incorporates a number of tools that allow it to achieve and sustain continuous improvement.

The quality approach is more than a simple marketing element. It is an extremely important aspect of the outsourcing work, like any service offering.
It aims to define the level required by customers and implement all necessary means to achieve it or even exceed it.
In outsourcing, the quality approach concerns all business functions. In fact, it covers everything connected to the very heart of its business, from skills management to communication (internal and external), through human resources and the implementation of the overall strategy.
The whole provider’s organization is oriented towards the compliance with quality standards and norms defined by the customers’ expressed needs. Most of the material and human resources of the outsourcing company focus on achieving these objectives, with very consistent follow-up.
Internal audit, as a main tracking tool, allows to verify that the quality management procedures are always respected, thereby ensuring the best possible customer services. The regular meetings between management and employees are an example of this strategy of continuous monitoring and improvement.
We can also see the quality approach in the staff training programme. Whether as part of the initial training of employees or as part of the updating training sessions, the focus is always on providing the best satisfaction possible to the business customer who has chosen to entrust us with part of their services.


Outsourcing back office

As opposed to the front office, the back office is not part of a computer system accessible to customers and users.
It is, somehow, the back room of the company’s website. This is where everything manages setting services to user management, through data manipulation directly involved in the interaction between the site and the user.
Choosing to outsource a part of cyber activity of a company has many advantages: economic, strategic and organizational.

Reminder: what is the back office?

In the same way as a conventional business structure has a store, visible and accessible to customers, and a back room reserved for employees responsible for managing its workings (administrative part, stocks, etc.), the web site is composed of a front office and a back office.

If the front office is dedicated to user interaction, back office is the part of the computer system that is neither be seen, nor accessible.
It allows the management of content’s web site. It includes all the platform management tools; there are set the services offered to the user and the client, features, access and, in general, all matter made available to the user (texts, media …) during his navigation on the site.
So the back office is a particularly sensitive area, where important information for the company are stored and manipulated continuously.

Why outsource management of the back office?

The management of the back office requires significant technical capabilities and considerable human and material resources.
The back office outsourcing, or outsourcing back office allows the company to release a good part of his forces in order to dedicate them to the heart of its business, its strategic activities.
Like any outsourcing service, the one on the back office corresponds to a process of continuous improvement and constant search for performance at all levels (quality, speed and security).
By outsourcing back office processes to a subcontractor having the experience and the know-how, the company offers the opportunity to improve customer satisfaction through a more effective interaction with it.
In addition, it has a real mastery of the cost of labor, while shedding weight technology investments linked to computerized management tools, since it is the subcontractor who implements them.
More responsive and therefore more attractive, the company’s website also remains under its control through the monitoring and traceability tools, which enable it to oversee the evolution in real time.

Press Releases

Because they contribute to the consolidation of the company’s reputation and to insuring its public visibility, press releases are fundamental documents in the marketing and communication activities. Their implementation complies with a number of basic principles, both in the content and in the structure of the text.
Being intended to media and/or customers, they mainly update on company news: launching new products, activities, services, partnerships…

Clearly define the target audience

The definition of the target audience is a critical step in all the marketing strategy activities. Writing a press release is obviously part of the above mentioned activities, and does meet this same requisite of identifying the public to be addressed.
Although press releases were primarily intended for journalists and media, this type of document now addresses non-professionals too, as long as they are considered potential targets for the implemented marketing strategy. This is particularly true for online press releases.
Therefore, the company who is preparing to circulate such a document should define clearly the audience category which it intends to address and adapt its speech to them.
Thus, if the company is preparing a press release, for instance, to announce the launching of a new product, a new service, an event or the building of a partnership, the information is more likely to be effective since it is addressing the right people.

Get to the essence point

A press release should be concise, complete and accurate. One or two pages long, it should mention all practical information (place, date, exact nature, etc. .) relating to the event, the product, the service , the partnership or any other information subject of the communication.
And most importantly, it should only contain the interesting points. Filling the document with useless information will only result in the disinterest of the target audience, and will entail the loss of the merits of the approach.
As it is essentially aimed at journalists, the primary purpose is to provide them with a content they can also use and broaden in their article.
Lastly, with regard to the online press releases, it is essential to incorporate back links that take visitors to the company’s website, its blogs and other web supports.

Web content: client process (specific)

Given their volume and diversity, the data processed by the companies cause them to face significant challenges. The first and most delicate of these is the need to structure them so that any web content provided is reliable, auditable and constantly updated.
Throughout their life-cycle, from creation to updating, all the items that form a web content are subject to a management activity. From the data collection through the archiving stage, to the organization and the publication, the web content is processed and managed to optimize the referencing of the company’s website and increase its attractiveness.
The updating, as much as the creation, requires a precise, long-term and regular work along with a close cooperation between the business client and the person in charge of this task.
The client process – in all its aspects (quality, security, reliability) – should be strictly respected, which means that the company in charge of the web content management fully understands the business client activity.
Whether expressed or implied (stated or not by the customer), the requirements of this activity are determined and clarified from the start to meet the best expectations of the business client.
To sum up, the creation and the updating of a web content are a full niche, with their own rules, requirements and difficulties. When treated seriously, efficiently and carefully they allow the company’s website to become more dynamic and thus contribute to the creation of value.

Data entering: what will you gain by outsourcing?

Though part of the company’s core business, data entry represents a heavy burden in terms of both cost and time. Most companies have become aware of this reality and, accordingly, have opted for outsourcing. When entrusted to skilled and qualified professionals, the data entry and the processing operations are performed in compliance with required levels of quality, security and reliability. The client company can therefore deal solely with its main activity, and, hence, considerably sustain its productivity and competitiveness.

Data are key components to the life of a company. The latter must possess the tools necessary to the collection, management and entry of data, before making full use of these data in the course of its business.

Yet, however vital they might be, data entry operations are extremely time consuming, inefficient and costly. They engage a large number of agents, and weigh down the budget of the company that could instead benefit from getting rid of these burdensome tedious tasks.

Over the past few years, many firms, offering their services in the field of data entry, have taken advantage of the constant development of the information and communication technology and have entered lightheartedly the outsourcing market. Of course, these firms are not all of equal merit, the best are distinguished by the degree of reliability and professionalism they display.

When the client company chooses the right service provider, that is, the one who will be able to handle and transcribe the needed data while maintaining the highest possible level of efficiency, it will finally focus all its efforts on its core activities and foster true value creation.

Entering coupons, surveys, questionnaires, contact files, forms, directories, catalogs, brochures, balance sheets or bulletins… these are all tasks that require the know-how and the competence of a dedicated, specialized and experienced team.

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